How to be successful in life

How to be successful in life

Everyone wants to know “How to be successful in life”. In simple words for success, you need to do best than all, which required 100 percent of your capability. On the way to success challenges and barriers come, to fix them need knowledge. So, must learn those all which help in completing your jobs. To … Read more

What is difference between success and failure person

Difference between success and failure

The answer to the question ‘what is difference between success and failure person’ is hunger. The successful person always stays hungry for their dreams, for their success. Their hunger is an unstoppable force to keep them going in bad days too and destroyed the fear and failure. Hunger drives success. The hunger makes a human … Read more

Strong relationship: Few steps to build

Strong Relationship Tips

A relationship is a thing that creates the environment for living for a human. It always inspires the human to live and do big. Because it has the best life living tools. Like- attraction, happiness, trust, growth, joy and entertainment and too much love. . That’s why its strengthening requires. Here are strong relationship tips- … Read more

How to build a strong relationship

The relationship, which is nothing but is a strong bonding, bonded the whole world in one thread. In this period of COVID 19, all countries are facing the challenges of saving their citizens. And this bonding called relation worked well. The countries that have strong relationships got recovered soon. Because other countries supported them to … Read more

असंभव को संभव बनाने के ३ आसान उपाय

Impossible to possible

केवल एक शब्द जो असंभव को संभव बना देता है केवल जिसे बदलकर आप भी असंभव को संभव बना सकते है। क्या आप जानने के लिए उत्साहित है वह कौन सा शब्द है? कैसे आप असंभव को संभव बना सकते है ? नमस्कार दोस्तों, मै आपसे से एक प्रश्न पूछता हूँ क्या आप डान्स करते … Read more

Success: Make the Impossible Possible by 3 easy steps

Make impossible possible

Only one word which lets be the possible impossible. By replacing that word you can make the impossible possible. Do you excited to know, Which word is that? How can you make the impossible possible? Hi friends, I am asking a question, do you dance? Ans…… One more question, do you do public speaking? Ans…… … Read more

कार्य में बांधा और देरी को कैसे रोकें?जाने यहाँ

दोस्तो हम सभी को अपने जीवन में कुछ बनने का, कुछ पाने का, कुछ करने का, कहीं जाने का या कुछ चीजों को अपने पास रखने का सपना होता है| हम सभी जानते है कि अपने इन सपनों को सच करने के लिए हमें कुछ निश्चित कार्यो को करना होता हैं| हम उन सभी कार्यो … Read more

Stop postponing: Are you worry? 8 practical steps

Stop Postponing

Friends in our life we all have dreams to be something, to get something, to visit somewhere or to have something. And we all are aware that we have to do certain things for making our dreams true. We try always to do it on time but mostly get postponed. So how to stop postponing? … Read more

Strength and weakness | A better life: How to build strength

Building Strength

In this world, all are working for growth day and night with full effort, invest as much they can. Not even this much only they used to take the help from closers and make all the possible. But most of them are not satisfied with the growth. Sometimes few of them correct all the mistakes … Read more

Covid-19 Lockdown situation in India at a glance|Essay

Covid 19 Lockdown Situation

In human history, this time Covid-19 lockdown is the biggest lockdown situation. This toughest situation not only India is facing hence the whole world is facing. But why this lockdown is? What is the reason behind it? In December 2019 an epidemic name is COVID 19 started in China. It is spreading worldwide Lakhs of … Read more