Success: Make the Impossible Possible by 3 easy steps

Only one word which lets be the possible impossible. By replacing that word you can make the impossible possible. Do you excited to know, Which word is that? How can you make the impossible possible?

Hi friends, I am asking a question, do you dance? Ans……

One more question, do you do public speaking? Ans……


These questions are quite simple and the answer is also quite simple would be “Yes” or “No”. If you know and do dance then your answer will be “Yes” and if you don’t then your answer will be absolute “No” or “not possible for me”. But my dear friend beyond these, there is one more answer also which can make the impossible possible. Are you curious to know that answer?

That answer is “I do but not good”.

There are a lot of questions were coming to your mind. How can this answer “I do but not good” can make the impossible possible? But don’t worry have patience I am going to explore this; how can it make the impossible possible?

Side effect of saying No to your work

Friends, basically this is the effect of our mindset. When we know dancing, we dance whenever get any opportunity. If we don’t know, we do not dance when we get the opportunity to dance which can change life too, we will still not dance. Because the “No” answer never encourages us to try, always discourage and stops trying. We well know “not trying and practice means no skill”.

One more thing is also there when the “No” comes into our mind. It blocks all the ways and hides all the options and makes our minds blank, it means No hope. Sometimes losing hope leads to go in depression too.

Friends, as we well know that all the skills that we have, learnt on this earth by doing again and again. Which we don’t have, we never tried that or tried once or several times and left which built our mindset “I don’t do“ or “I don’t know”. This mindset never encourages us to do again ever after a long time. This is like a belief system.

Example- A baby elephant tied with a strong chain that tried several times but could not break. Later baby elephant becomes a big elephant and is tied with a weak chain. But never tried to break although he can break easily. Because “I don’t” never encourages us to try or do.


How to shift No to Yes

Now the thing is what to do about this? We have to stop saying “No” and start saying “I do but not good”. It means we have to replace “No” with “do but not good”.

This new answer will generate an option to do. Because ” Where there is hope, there is a way”.

This is universal truth “I am not good” can be changed into “I am good” by doing practice again and again.

This is the reality of the world that everyone is not equal and no one is perfect. Only good or very good or excellent, which can be become by practice.

Skill improvement

Shifting the “No” to “I do but not good” to “Yes and very good” shows that you have made the impossible possible.

In steps:

3 Steps to Make the impossible possible

1- Stop saying “No”

2- Start saying “Yes but not good” and start practising

3- Do practice and shift “I am not good” to “I am good”


The “No” never encourage us to try and “I do but not good” encourages us to do for betterment. So we have to replace “No” with “I do but not good” and start doing and practising because “practice makes a man perfect

Thanks for staying long- Aage Jao Team

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