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We are a group of professional soft skill trainers used to transform the rural youths into professional workers by teaching them communication skills, computer skills, life skills, office etiquette and other professional skill too. We have trained too many trainees having a different mindset, problems, abilities, hobbies, likes & dislikes and observed that there are so many different reasons for the same problem. And in a cluster level meeting, we shared our experience, from there the seed of sharing our experiences and ideas through blog germinated. Finally, we started our blogging website on 4th Oct 2019 with the website “www.aagejao.com”.

 Aage Jao team has three members name is Ganesh, Lata, and Deepak belongs to the different location of India met in a T3 (train the trainers) training program with Head Held High Foundation. 1st we completed our one month train the trainers training program in which we learnt training delivering, bring joy in training, learning from the surrounding, giving live and relevant examples, observing trainees their needs & interest and so many after that completed MI (Mission Impossible) training program in which we learnt how does our personality develop? really who we are? What does hold us back and how to overcome, enhanced up our competency. From there we started working together and decided to make benefit to the world with our learning and real-life experiences. This is how we started sharing our learning and experiences through a blog.


Ganesh is the sole person who founded this website “AageJao.com” with the purpose of sharing our learnings and experiences through the blog gain from his profession. He has been delivering the training for the last 3 years in the development sector. Currently, he is working with Head Held High Foundation, Bangalore, Karnataka (India). He has done his Master from DDUGU, Gorakhpur.
His passion for writing generated the idea of sharing the learnings through blogging.

“A passionated person discovers the wonders without researching it.” -by Ganesh

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Lata is a trainer who delivers the training to the physically challenged youth with Youth for Job organization, Mumbai. She joined the development sector before 3 years, she has trained more than 200 youths in India till June’21. During this period, she has encountered so many youths having different levels of disability during the training and she shares the core of her experiences of their counselling and training period as an author of this website.

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In the team of AageJao.com Deepak plays a role of an author. He has been associated with the development sector for the last 3 years. Currently, he is working with an organization name Bandhan Kon Nagar. He has completed his B.Sc from Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India. Deepak is very passionate to explore the world.

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