Build strength not the weakness

In this world, all are working for their growth whole day and put full effort, invest as much they can, not even this much only they used to take the help from closers and make all the possible but maximum of them are not satisfied with the growth rate. Sometimes few of them would correct all the mistakes what they find, and some of them try to apply a new method or do in an innovative way too but After these all, when they look on the result they could not be able to see the satisfactory result. But in some cases, we found that few persons used to do another work parallelly but with those they get a satisfactory result. Why like this?

When we look into deep of our work we could find few more things we used to do, it may be that is for enjoyment or extra earning or our loved one or it may be any good purpose. This secondary work at that time it does not affect but later it starts affecting. At the time of starting, “It is not affecting my primary work” with this belief we continue our secondary too but our mistake is we never try to review it, this would be the cause of the unsatisfactory result.

Sometimes this secondary work turns in to the habit, and we could not be able to leave, in this circumstance it becomes our weakness. In some cases, secondary work doesn’t affect the primary work but it utilized the maximum time, so we could not able have enough time for the primary, these types of secondary works affects the primary one indirectly. It resulted that we could not be able to get expertise which builds our good career. As I have described before that it turns in to the habit, this habit becomes our weakness, so we can’t be able to go beyond, in another way we can say that it controls us and fixes our limit. But the point is how to avoid these types of circumstances. So, here is the way-

Assessment/review is the weapon which helps us to control our weakness. We should review our work time to time, it helps us to scale the result according to our applied efforts. In case of not reviewing our work, we could not be able to know its result, investments, applied efforts, its advantage & disadvantage and its side effects good or bad. In the case of unknowing the side effects, we can’t control if it affects the primary. So time to time we should review/assess our work what we are doing. If we control weakness on time, then our primary work stays as primary always and we could be able to focus on it properly.

Instead of this, if our secondary work helps the primary in this case it will bust the growth. Sometimes this secondary force to do the primary one in this situation secondary becomes supplementary of primary work. In this case, we should always mind that what is the purpose of secondary? If the purpose is to promote primary then do as long as you can but if the purpose is different, then we need to assess/review to the secondary because till a limit it helps otherwise it becomes the weakness. So we have to make the secondary work our strength. Strength always increases our limit, so we can be able to go beyond, in other words, strength always makes us free and open the ways for us.

Conclusion: After reading this it’s being clear that whatever we are doing apart from our primary that can be our strength or weakness if we make our strength that always support us to grow, instead of this when we make our weakness, which always pull us back. So make your strength always not the weakness.

Effect of lockdown

In human history, this current time lockdown is the biggest lockdown situation. This toughest situation not only India is facing hence the whole world is facing. But why this lockdown is? What is the reason behind it?

In December 2019 one epidemic name is COVID 19 started from China and it is getting spread worldwide, not spreading only but Lakhs of people getting infected, thousands of people getting died. And this COVID 19 came to India too. For protecting ourselves all countries in the world are locking down their country to break the chain of spreading. Same here also for protecting our people, Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Damodar Das Modi has announced lockdown to the whole country for 21 days from 24 Mar to 14 Apr 2020. This lockdown has locked the life in the four walls of the home, and it has affected all, here are few of them are being described-

Effect on Indian citizens:-

In this longest lockdown of human history, all the Indian got locked in the home, all the people are facing the problem of marketing, whatever they have in their home managing with those only. And only grocery shop is being opened for a few hours so that, people can get their meals easily. The people who are suffering from diseases like as-diabetes, etc., they need to go for walking or gym centre to stay fit, but they are unable to go out. Fruits and vegetable market is also closed because of this nutrient meals are not available. People whose relatives are suffering from the disease or sickness or any kind of injury, they are unable to meet their relatives and unable to help them, in this time those who are in difficulties, they are feeling helpless. Poor people who went to other states or foreign for earning their livelihood due to lockdown they got stuck there and due to closed company or work, they are not getting the wages, which raised the very big problem of food, they don’t have enough money to buy meals for them and their family. On the 3rd day of lockdown, one news channel showed the story of one poor who started crying to see the meal after 3 days, this lockdown has taken them at his stage.

Lockdown has stopped to transportation too because of this migrants are unable to go back home because of this maximum of them has started their journey of thousand KMs by walking without having foods, this is a very difficult situation.

Effect on industries:-

All the industries are closed during the lockdown, in this closing, all the manufacturing has stopped and once the company will start after lockdown it will take time to come in flow, Means these 21 days lockdown is pulling long back to the industries, which directly affects to Indian Government and its strength. This month of March is the last month of the financial year so, in this month all the accounts used to be closed by the companies, from April new financial year starts, due to this lockdown this closing is not going to be closed which is pulling back to government’s financial system too.

Effect on Education:-

In this four-month all the student will stay at home due to lockdown, means they will lose the knowledge which they would learn in this four-month, by staying at their home they will forget the things too which they have learnt in school, instead because of the exam they would learn more, this is a direct loss to the student.

This time of March, April and May months is the peak of the education session, in these months final and yearly exam organizes because this lockdown it is not able to organize and all students will get move forward in next class directly(As Delhi government has announced). Means it is not clear about their knowledge according to their standard, those who are weak and don’t have enough knowledge to move in next class they will also get moved, which is not good for all.

In private schools, this the time to collect the fee of remain student of the current year but the school will not able to collect due to lockdown, which is a very big loss and will affect to the quality improvement.

Effect on transportation:-

Transportation is the backbone of the economy of any country, it opens the opportunities for all to learn, entertainment, discovering and so many things, this brings the movement in life, but due to this lockdown transportation got stopped completely which hamper the economy of country and life has stopped too.

Effect on agriculture:-

This is the peak time for harvesting the Rabi crop and in this important time, India got stopped due to lockdown which affected the agriculture too. Labourers in the village are not coming out this raised a very big problem for formers of harvesting. And we know that India is an agriculture prime country, majority of the population in India used to do the farming in this situation agriculture got affected with this majority of the population got affected too.

Effect on Indian government finance:-

All the countries collect the finance from its sources like- Taxes, transportation and exporting the goods etc. Where industries are closed and its employees are staying at home, transportation is fully stopped and exportation is also stopped, in this circumstance, incoming sources of government completely got blocked which is hampering at a high level to the country’s growth. Beside of this government, responsibilities are still there to taking care of citizens, which consume the remained finance.


Where industries are closed, transportation is stopped, agriculture is in very big difficulties and citizens are suffering from hunger, in this situation, there is no possibility of growth. Education is paused, which is not building the good future for the country. After these all income source of government has also blocked, it is showing this lockdown post effect of COVID 19 is not beneficial for anyone anyhow and pushing to the whole country in dark.